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RAYCUS Computer Services offers training classes in your home or business for most common applications. These classes range from beginner to advanced training.

Key Benefits

bulletClasses are tailored to your specific needs.
bulletThey are taught at your speed of learning and not by the clock.
bulletYou learn on real projects required by you not some generic course.


                             Microsoft Word (6.0 through 2010)      Windows (/ 2000/XP/vista/7/8)

                             Microsoft Outlook or Express                Microsoft PowerPoint

                             Microsoft Excel (6.0 through 2010)       Microsoft Access (4.0 through 2010)

                             Microsoft FrontPage (20xx)                  Microsoft Internet Explorer (8/9/10)

                             Internet Introduction                           Using Search Engines

                             Data Sharing                                         Mail Merge

                             Using Your Scanner and OCR                Working with digital pictures

                             File Management                                  Protecting Your Data (Virus protection)



Many more not mentioned here. Call for information

  These courses are priced based on the content of the course and the number of students you wish to train. You will be given the option of flat fee (lump sum) or hourly based rates.